CMHF Kenya

We equip communities with knowledge and skills on promotion of mental health, prevention of mental illnesses

We do this through dissemination of information, and refer the mentally challenged for treatment and rehabilitation. Our target groups are students in universities, staff in learning institutions, hospitals, state corporations, companies, the police and armed forces.

Promote mental health & prevent psychosocial defects

About Us

We empower the community by disseminating information on the promotion of mental health and prevention of psychosocial defects. We do this by admitting street families, providing information to the youths on drugs and their effects, suicide stress and the importance’s of living a sober live. We have partnered with PEHK to provide supportive employment services in the labour market. Robust mental health is the cornerstone of the process of finding a way out of their need, and resuming control over their own lives.


Our mission is to ensure that individuals exploit their potential, as we instil in them a sense of mastery of their environment, and ability to identify, confront and solve problems. We uphold a climate that respects and protects fundamental basic civil, economic, social and healthy cultural rights.


We provide suicide prevention care through training of health workers in the assessment and management of suicidal behaviour.

Street Children

We have developed programs that help prevent the increase of street families, as we rehabilitate and prefigure the life’s of the existing ones. We also link street children with their families.

Teenage Pregnancies

We help prevent unplanned for pregnancy through sexual education for young people. We also work towards improving access to sexual and reproductive health services for the young people.

Drug abuse

With drug abuse increasingly becoming a big concern in the country, we educate the public on the dangers of drug abuse.

depressed teenage

Our Goal

Our aim is to equip the communities with knowledge and skills on psychosocial wellness through the dissemination of health information. Our objective is to:

  • Establish psychosocial defects to the vulnerable groups.

  • Establish the level of knowledge in mental health among vulnerable groups.

  • Determine methods of dissemination of information on mental health to vulnerable groups.

We believe mental health is not solely the domain of ministries of health. Mental health can only be achieved and sustained by involvement, support of the whole community and development of partnership between a range of agencies in the public, private and non-governmental sectors.

Nancy Michire

Chairperson of the Foundation

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